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I’ve recently received a few requests for updates via email and am feeling guilty for my absence.  Here’s the latest on me and mine:

Marriage: better than expected

I’m happy to report that the wedding went extremely well and Matt and I are happily married.   Marriage hasn’t changed our relationship much, but I do feel that it’s cemented our commitment to each other in a way that brings me a certain simultaneous joy and peace.  An unexpected benefit: having a “husband” makes me feel a bit more legitimate in identifying myself as adult, which means I’m more open to taking on other kinds of responsibilities.  

Work: lucky to have a job

Matt and I have both managed to hold onto our jobs, in spite of recent reorganizations and layoffs.  I’m still working in marketing for a Fortune 500 financial services firm, and my organization is doing what it can to weather the current storm.  It hasn’t been pretty - the past six weeks have been especially brutal - but the recent market activity has kept me on my toes.  We’ve had to be responsive to the press, The Hill, and the analysts, which is giving me an opportunity to illustrate how I provide value to our organization.   I won’t be getting a raise this year (all salaries were frozen back in November), but I’m feeling extremely fortunate to still have support staff and a budget at this point. 

Home: thinking about a move

We live in a charming little brick and stucco Tudor, which I bought back in March of 2006 with a five-year ARM at 5.85%.  We started shopping banks to refinance into a 30-year-fixed mortgage, and ended up looking new houses.  Long story short, we’re thinking of building a new house.  I question the prudence of this decision, especially considering that one (or both) of us could potentially be unemployed at any time, but it’s also an excellent time for us to make a move.  Mortgages are cheap, builders need work, and materials are on sale.  We want to build a smallish home that is more energy efficient, but first we have to sell the one we have.  As I type this entry, my husband and a friend are putting in a new patio door (finally!). 

Finances: stagnant

The wedding was a big expense at an inopportune time (right before the market collapsed), but I’m still teaching and trying to save when I can.  I haven’t made any real headway on my debt for awhile, and I haven’t calculated my net worth since my 401(k) lost 60% of its value, but I’m not creating new debt, so I suppose the battle isn’t entirely lost. 

So, that’s the quick-and-dirty.  I’ll provide more information on how the wedding budget turned out and the housing situation in upcoming posts.

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7 Responses to “BankerGirl Updates”

  1. Red Says:

    Thanks for the update, I’ve definitely missed your blog and I’m glad the wedding went well.

    I too am looking at houses, but for me it’s more about getting out of my rental and into a house that isn’t falling apart.

  2. Trevor @ Financial Nut Says:

    Congrats on your marriage! My wife and I were just married 9 months ago, and you’re right- it is a big expense! Keep us posted on the happenings of your financial life! It’s always fun to find another personal finance blogger out there that’s our age! :)

  3. Beth Says:


    This may sound daft, but I’m studying PR and Comms and would really like to know how you feel about women in senior positions in the banking sector (obstacles for promotion, equal opportunities, etc). I’m studying this for an assignment and I think it’s a really interesting subject. Perhaps you could mention your experiences of it in your next post, or if not It’d be great if you could send me a quick email with your views.

    Thank you,

    Beth, 21.

  4. A Says:

    BG, thanks for the update. We’ve missed you! You would probably have an amazing perspective on all that’s going on right now, if you ever have the time/desire to share it…

  5. Heidi Says:

    @Beth - that’s an excellent idea for a post, and some things that are happening in my workplace also make it very topical. I’ll get to work on that!

    Thanks for the comment all - it feels good to be writing again. I only wish I could disclose more…

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